is very excited about our first ever MangoCon conference!!  It will be held in Rochester, NY, September 14th – 16th with an optional day of exploring the beautiful Western NY area on the 17th & 18th .  That is just 4 weeks away!   We are super excited to have our event not only be local to our offices, but on an intimate scale of about 100 people total (we are currently at about 60 attendees), so that you (vendors) can really get to know our community. 

This is the very first MangoCon, so why should you plan on attending? What makes this conference special?

Access to top IT influencers: A very large number of MangoLassi.IT members are highly experienced, revered professionals in the world of IT. We have many very influential voices in our ranks. This conference is focused on maximizing vendor/IT pro interaction.

An intimate setting: With attendance of roughly 100 people, there will be lots of opportunity to get valuable time to interact with a number of highly influential members of the IT community.

Real in-depth IT training: Unlike many other conferences based around a single product and its marketing, MangoCon is created by IT professionals for IT professionals. Our primary goal is to equip IT professionals with knowledge, both in expanding their skills and experience and also their knowledge of IT-related products and services. Thus, training sessions are designed to actually provide more focused training, instead of a large variety of surface-level engagement of topics.

Social time as well as training time: Not only do we want IT pro/vendor interaction to be a major part of MangoCon, we also realize the importance of holding this gathering to create an opportunity for our members to put faces with the names they interact with everyday online. This is also a great time for vendor representatives to interact in a social setting. We’ve witnessed over and over again the value of decision-makers getting to know the people who provide the products and services that they want to use, and there is no better way to market than to literally let your audience get to know you.

The vendors will have 2 hours each morning, from 8am to 10am, to show off their products and hang out with the IT pros before any training starts. There will be other times throughout the day to show off your stuff, as well.  We encourage vendors to attend any training session you may like (a full list will be up on, Tuesday of next week).

Accommodations, food, drinks, training, and entertainment are all in one location! The Holiday Inn Downtown will be the site for all aspects of MangoCon, so we won’t have time wasted moving attendees from location to location for the various activities. It’s all under one roof! Rochester does have plenty of attractions, sight-seeing, and night life to offer, within about 10 minutes’ walk of the hotel, but we’re happy to have this ability to maximize productive use of time.

There are still plenty of opportunities for vendors to sponsor meals, snacks, open bar, entertainment, you know…  all the necessities of an amazing conference.

MangoCon  September 14-16, 2016

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Come join us to quench that thirst for IT knowledge.