What is Scale Computing’s HC3 system?
Scale Computing HC3 integrates storage, servers, and virtualization software into an all-in-one appliance based system that is scalable, self-healing, and as easy to manage as a single server. Using industry standard components, the HC3™ appliances install in under an hour, and can be expanded and upgraded with no downtime. High availability insulates the user from any disk or server failure and a unified management capability driven by the patented HyperCore™ software, efficiently integrates all functionality. The result is a data center solution that reduces operational complexity, allows a faster response to business issues, and dramatically reduces costs.
What were the design goals when HC3 was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the SMB market?
Scale Computing’s Hyperconverged Compute Cluster (HC3) System, the HyperCore hypervisor, and the Scale Computing Reliable Independent Block Engine (SCRIBE) storage layer were designed to provide highly available, scalable compute and storage services while maintaining operational simplicity through highly intelligent software automation and architecture simplification.
HyperCore adds intelligent automation to the hypervisor and storage layers and was designed to take advantage of low cost, easily replaceable, and upgradeable “commodity” hardware components including the virtualization capabilities built into modern CPU architectures. By clustering these components together into a single, unified, and redundant system, the architecture creates a flexible and complete “datacenter-in-a-box.” HyperCore operates as a redundant and elastic private “cloud” that scales seamlessly with the automatic incorporation of additional nodes and handles hardware failures gracefully with minimal effort or disruption.
What are some core features to love in HC3?
• Rapid, Easy Deployment – An HC3 cluster can be racked, cabled, powered on, and configured in a matter of minutes.  VMs can be deployed and running in under an hour.  It’s that easy.
• Non-Disruptive Scale-Out – When a cluster needs more resources, a new node can be added within minutes without any downtime to the existing nodes or VMs.  You can also mix and match nodes in the HC3 family to meet your changing needs over time.
• HC3 Web Interface – The entire HC3 solution from hardware to software is managed from a single web interface that can be accessed from any node in the cluster.  The simple interface design makes it easy to manage storage and compute resources for VMs in a single pane of glass.
• Live VM Migration – VMs can be non-disruptively migrated between nodes with no downtime.  This allows for rebalancing resource allocation as needed with no impact to users.
• Non-Disruptive Rolling Updates – HC3 software/firmware updates are accessed directly through the HC3 web interface where they can be applied automatically with no downtime at your convenience.  A single click updates every part of the HC3 cluster.
• VM High Availability – If a node fails within the HC3 cluster for any reason, all VMs running on that node are automatically failed over to one of the remaining cluster nodes within minutes for minimal disruption to your work day.
• Cluster to Cluster Replication – VMs can be replicated between two HC3 clusters with native HC3 replication.  Replication can be local or remote and can be configured to replicate changes as often as every 5 minutes.  Even better, this feature is built-in with no extra licensing needed!
• Snapshot Scheduling – VM snapshots can be scheduled intuitively and flexibly from the HC3 web interface.  Schedules can include multiple rules spanning schedule intervals from minutes to months.
• Thin VM Cloning – HC3 uses a unique thin cloning technique that allows clone VMs to share the same data blocks as their parent VM for storage optimization…but with no dependencies.  If the parent VM is deleted, the clone VM continues operating without disruption.
• And more!
Want to know more?  Find information at www.scalecomputing.com