Wednesday- September 14th:

6pm – 10pm

Thursday- September 15:

8am – 7pm Training
7pm-10pm Networking
10pm-2am After Party

Friday- September 16:

8am-7pm Training

8pm-10pm 90’s Modern Rock Band (quite spaces for networking provided)
10pm-2am After Party

Saturday- September 17 10am-2pm Exploring Letchworth State Park (optional reservations needed by September 9th)

 Sunday- September 18 11am -4pm    Exploring Fingerlakes Wine Trail (optional reservations needed by September 9th)


• Linux Server & Desktop: Why your distribution doesn’t matter in Linux Desktop
• LVM Practical Guide: Covering the basics and snapshots
• BASH: Your sysadmin toolbox

• GPO 101
• Never Waste Another Gigabyte: How to Make Use of the Onsite Storage You Already Have with Aetherstore.
• Powershell 101
• Server 2016: What’s new?

• Cyber Security: Learn how malware and phishing work so that you can recognize it in your workplace

• WPA2-Enterprise: in your environment so that you don’t have to give out WPA2-personal passwords.
We’ll use Ubiquiti Wireless APs, VLANs on HP PoE switches, the Microsoft NPS role, and a SonicWall firewall.
We’ll throw in some Group Policy certificate deployment for good measure.

• Infrastructure: Business needs, design, and implementation

• Virtualization

• Storage 101 & 102

• Backups

• Intro to VoIP & Real World VoIP

• Fog Computing: What is Fog computing and why should you care?

Letter to Manager: Why MangoCon will be awesome

June 15th, 2016|

MangoCon is not your average IT convention. Most conventions are full of sales fluff, and lack valuable training [...]