MangoCon is not your average IT convention. Most conventions are full of sales fluff, and lack valuable training for you to actually use in your day-to-day job. MangoCon is striving to be your Refreshing IT Convention.  At we are seeking to be different from all the rest and also be valuable to your very real day to day IT needs.

At MangoCon, each day will be structured to allow some time to check in with your jobs IT needs as well as give you time to speak to the Sponsor Vendors.


Proposed Agenda Timeline:


  • Breakfast
  • Work check-in time
  • Vendor discussion time


  • Two intense training sessions (3 tracks to choose from)


  • Lunch
  • Vendor discussion time

2:30pm-5:30 pm

  • Three Intense Training Sessions (3 tracks to choose from)


  • Networking


  • Dinner


  • Various snacks
  • Entertainment and Networking time with Vendors and fellow IT pro’s


These are just some of the Training Sessions we intend to provide: • Linux Server 101- Travis • Linux Desktop 101- Travis • Linux LVM – Travis • Bash- Travis • Infrastructure (context, risk, architecture)- Scott Miller • Running an MSP – Minion Queen • Storage 101 – Scott Miller • Backup 101 – Art Ralston • Intro to VoIP- Jared Busch • Panel Discussion VoIP- Jared Busch, Scott Miller, at least a couple more • Real World VoIP – Jared Busch • Mango martinis with Scott – Scott Miller • Grove Social how to use Social Media in IT – Minion Queen

There will be a hands on lab for testing the things you will be taking training on.

Not only do we as IT professionals need more in-depth training, we need more time to learn about the hardware and software we do use and could be using every day.  Vendors also need time to show us all that their products can do.

Each day, a key vendor will have the opportunity to give anyone desiring more information about their products the ability to touch, dive in and learn the product.

Every minute of the day is designed to maximize the learning time and networking which also allows IT Pro’s to learn from each other.  We have purposely designed a Conference will be an invaluable tool for any IT Pro.


Total cost of Training including all meals: $200/person

Total hotel costs per night: $119 based on single occupancy

Total Travel Costs: